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whoby Scott Tingley, March 20, 2008


Riverside Reads Debuts With Original Com ics, Art, Stories and Reviews

     What happens when you take a classroom full of comic loving kids, give them access to a web designer, art supplies, a giant stack of comics and a government grant? You get Riverside Reads, the newest comic book website, created almost entirely by kids, for kids.

     "My students have just launched a web-publishing site for their comics, stories and reviews and I couldn't be more excited!" states Com ics in the Classroom EiC Scott Tingley. "The purpose of the site is to get kids excited about school work in general and the whole process of writing specifically."

     The site will feature brand new, original comics created by Tingley's third grade class. Each kid will have the chance to contribute original comics, original artwork, reviews of existing comics and stories in various forms.

After applying for a Innovative Learning Fund (ILF) grant from the Government of New Brunswick, the staff enlisted David Taiaroa at Panchroma Website Development and Hosting for help designing the website. While David did manufacture the technical end, local artist Eric Dyck was brought in to work with the students to create the title banner. However, don't let the involvement of adults fool you, this site is all about kids and comics.

From the grant application: Differentiation is the cornerstone of positive interventions for all students. Literacy skills will be improved by participation in writing and publishing projects - a class web page in which books, comics, stories and book reviews generated by students will be published, thus adding authenticity to the writing, as well as excitement. A unit creating graphic novels will enhance publication. Students will exchange graphic novels with students around the world, highlighting their community, their province and themselves

While the site is still in fledgling status, make sure to bookmark it and check back often for frequent updates. Also, children from all over the world are encouraged to submit their efforts for consideration and possible inclusion on the site.

Please contact us if you would like your book to be considered for review by Riverside Reads: riverside.reads@nbed.nb.ca

More information regarding Riverside Reads, its staff members, goals and other projects can be found at http://rcs.nbed.nb.ca/kids/



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