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Cryptozooey = Monstery Fun
Review by Scott Tingley, November 19, 2008

"A girl. A quest. And the monsters that help her."

 That pretty much sums up the whole first issue. Of CryptoZooey by veteran web comic creator, Steve Troop. Since I threw out my back yesterday and am feeling very grumpy, I am going to cheat here and copy the summarization from the CryptoZooey press release.so there.

CryptoZooey is a new comic book about a little girl who not only learns that her parents are the greatest monster hunters in the world-but that the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and other monsters are real! When her parents disappear, it's up to Zooey and her monster friends to find them.

It is an interesting concept, with eye pleasing, cartoony art (with the "girl" a bit reminiscent of " Susie " from Calvin and Hobbes) and clever characterization. I love how the monsters bond differently with the girl. Some really funny moments come from these early experiences.

I usually only review collections and graphic novels, shying away from single issues mostly due to availability and time, BUT, I was sent a pdf of CryptoZooey and I thought I should draw your attention to it. I like it, I think you will as well - oh and your kids / students might like it too. I think that kids reading at grade level in grade three would be able to handle it.near the end of the year at least.

I was a bit concerned about one little section. The "New Jersey Devil" gives a bit of its origin and it implies that the Jersey Devil is the spawn of the devil. Most people would not give this section a second thought, but since I am a grade 3 teacher considering putting this in my classroom I have to watch out for stuff like this. I just thought you might want to know about it.

Anyway, I loved the first issue and I hope the second is out soon.

You can order issue 1 HERE and you can check out CryptoZooey's web page HERE .



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