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Another Dirt Sandwich: a Review -or- "That's an awful lot of birds."
Review by Scott Tingley, April 19, 2008

"That's an awful lot of birds."

I asked my wife to flip through Another Dirt Sandwich: Some Rambling and Hilarious Exploits of Tybyrd Fearlessness by Ray Friesen, and give me her first impression of it.

"That's an awful lot of birds." was her response. She also added, "You would have to like birds a lot to read this."

This is why I don't ask her opinion of the comics I review here very often. Her help is invaluable on the kids' book blog, but I'm not sure she pulls her own weight here.

Did she mention the unique cartoony art that writer/artist Ray Friesen employs, or the obsession he seems to have for hats?

"That's an awful lot of birds."

That's it!?

Did she go on about how this was a western for kids and childish adults? Kind of like the Marx Brothers western I saw as a kid. I'm not sure if it was exactly a western, but it had a stagecoach, so close enough. In my opinion, if Chico Marx got taken in his own scams instead of taking others, and if he lived in the old west, and if he was.a talking bird, I think this might be the kind of comic he would star in. Not Groucho though. It's not that good, but it is certainly Chico good, maybe even Chico and Harpo good.maybe.

[Another Dirt Sandwich ] chronicles the ramblings adventures of inept ostrich con-man Tbyrd Fearlessness, and his gullible rube-turned-sidekick Hopalong Cassowary in their search for fame and fortune, or at least lunch. (from donteatanybugs.net)

If my wife had actually read it she may have said all those things and she may have said that there is some gambling, a little threatening with an ax, and a whole lot of thievery (just a heads up on those things, but I for one will be putting this in my grade 3 classroom). In short, this may be a big hit with the kids if it finds its way into their hands.

If you enjoy uniquely illustrated slightly-rambling joke filled books, then it will be worth the effort to find a copy of Another Dirt Sandwich.

Just for the record, my wife is smarter than me, but she has never actually seen a Marx Brothers movie, so I think that evens us out.

Oh, and you don't really need to like birds to like the book.

You can read the first chapter here.

$12.95 100 pages Full Color



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