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Iron Man is to 24 Like Spider-Man is to the A-Team
An Iron Man Movie Review

Movie Review by Scott Tingley, May 3, 2008

This is my first movie review, so I'm going to need you to be forgiving - Ebert I'm not. I do have a few comments to make though. 

Of the classic Marvel characters (FF, Spidey, Daredevil, etc) Tony Stark / Iron Man is perhaps the least kid friendly of the bunch...in a good way.  Like all of the really good Marvel characters, Stark is a deeply flawed man, and this has been displayed over the years mainly through his alcoholism.  In the movie he often has a drink in his hand and I wonder if that side of the character will be explored in the inevitable sequels.  He is quite the womanizer in the movie though and his sexual exploits are frequently discussed (not in graphic detail though). Think Friends if Ross was cooler and had a suit of armour

Now, what does "Iron Man is to 24 like Spider-Man is to the A-Team"?  By that I mean that in the Spidey movies, like in the classic A-Team, nobody ever really seems to get killed (sure, Uncle Ben died, but he had to).  In Iron Man though, lots of people are killed - not as gruesomely though. Once the movie gets going, you don't see so much of it, but it the characters certainly die.  The opening scene has a number of US soldiers being gunned down while protecting Stark.

I'm sure that lots of you reading with kids aged 10 and up are wondering why I am wasting your time with the sex and violence stuff since it is likely tamer than a lot of the stuff your kids are watching right now, but for those that want to take their little ones to it, I thought you should be well informed. 

About 3/4 of the way through the movie I leaned over to my friend to say that I just realized that the CGI effects didn't actually look like CGI effects.  The computer generated images were as good as or better than any action movie I can think of.  Also, this is a character and humor driven movie.  There is LOTS of action, but not at the expense of a good movie.

BTW, this movie was awesome!  Run out to see it.  Bring your middle school kids, and consider what I wrote if you want to bring your younger ones. They will all love it though.



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