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Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws Vol 2: The Voyageurs - A Review in 2000 Words or So
Review and Pictures by Scott Tingley, October 18, 2008

This is my boy Jack (he turns 2 in a couple months) enjoying the second Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws book, The Voyageurs by Chad Solomon and Christopher Meyer.

Is there anything else that I could really say after that? Well, since my boy can't read he probably missed the native spirituality aspects and the clever take on Canadian history portrayed in the book (trading posts, the Voyageurs and Lacrosse, etc). As with vol. 1, I consider this book to be a useful resource for Native Studies units in schools.

You can order the book HERE.

The book reminded me of these two National Film Board cartoons from my youth. If you accept for the duration the use of the word 'Indian' they are quite informative: The Voyageurs and Trading Post.




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