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Sonic Boogaloo - or - I'm Not So Sure I Should Call This A "Review" Either
Review by Scott Tingley, July 26, 2008

I would really love to take this small stack of Sonic the Hedgehog comics that is sitting next to me and settle in for a nice evening of reading. The dishes are all done, the kids are in bed and my wife just went to her sister's for a visit. Perfect.

After I finished the comics I could then tell you how good the two series, Sonic and Sonic X, are. I could tell you that the frantic pace of the illustrations surpass the action of the actual video game from where these characters originated. I could tell you that even though the art is VERY colorful and that the action is fairly constant it is actually the high quality of the stories that will bring me back again and again.

I would really love to do that. But the thing is that I don't actually have any Sonic comics left to read. I have never actually read a Sonic comic book in my life. I was going to read the newest issues this weekend, but them I ran into a problem.

See, I ran a comic-creating workshop for grade 6-9 students this week. I had a whole bunch of comic books that they could borrow throughout the week, and those new Sonic issues were among the most popular (right up there with Bone, Amelia Rules, Lions Tigers and Bears, and Mouse Guard). On the final day they took my Sonic books. They were allowed to take home for keeps a large stack of comics from a couple of longboxes that had been donated for that reason. My Sonic comics were not supposed to be part of the deal, but they looked so disappointed when I said no that I had to pass them on. I would read them once and put them away. These kids are going to read them until they fall apart.

Before I let them go these 12-14 year olds had to tell me whey the liked Sonic so much, because I had no idea. They were the ones that told me about all that good stuff from the second paragraph. They love this stuff.

Kid-friendly and enjoyable to a wide range of both boys and girls. Sounds like the perfect all ages comic to me.

Sonic and Sonic X are out monthly and available (if not on the shelf, they can be ordered in) at comic shops and many magazine stores. There are collected versions you could ask comic or book stores about.

Happy reading.



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