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Yam: Bite Size Chunks = Goofaloofa
Review by Scott Tingley, August 29, 2008

Well that has to be the most wackado thing I have read in a very long time. I hardly know where to begin.but I suppose calling it 'wackadoo" is as good a place as any. Yam: Bite Size Chunks is a collection of "silent" comic strips featuring the footy-pajama wearing little boy, Yam, and his odd assortment of friends. Friends like a potted flower that grows distant or a pet tv that suffers from nightmares, which show up as scary scenes on the screen, which then scare Yam, and a raincoat wearing Siamese cat..you get the idea.

The series of strips by Corey Barba, which according to the inside cover originated in Nickelodeon Magazine, is obviously intended for young readers, but I think that older siblings would like it as well. I say this because the crazy stories presented in Yam are the same type of stories that the middle school students created in the comic workshop I led this past July. Short, crazy and with their own sense of logic (there is an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend joke in there somewhere, but that's not really my thing.but, please, feel free to insert your own though) - I was really impressed with my first foray into the world of Yam: Bite-Size Chunks.

It is a "silent" comic, but like all of the wordless comics I recommend, the lack of words does not designate it only for the very young, or for the non-reader. Even kids with advanced reading abilities can enjoy these books - there is a visual literacy needed to decode and fully enjoy a well crafted wordless comic.

$10.00 (US)
Diamond: MAY084160
ISBN 978-1-60309-014-8



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