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Neat! A Sort Of Review Of Cupcakes of DOOM!
Review by Scott Tingley, and Mariah Tingley - February 07, 2009

This is a recurring theme in my reviews, but my daughter won't give me my book back!

I just received a copy of Ray Friesen's new graphic novel for kids of all ages and my daughter and I love it. We haven't actually read much of Cupcakes of Doom yet (she can't read yet and she won't let me have it so I can read it). I have only read the parts with the red sea dragon talking to pirates and Vikings, but did you catch the part about there being sea dragons, pirates and Vikings in the book?!?

There is a pirate mom and dragons of the sea and pirates and Vikings and pirates and treasure islands found by pirates and pirate swords and a fry cook who, I think, is dressed like a pirate and a girl my daughter thinks is a princess and Groucho Marx as some sort of king (king of the pirates?).

I should read it, but I only have time in the evening and, again, my daughter won't give it back.

Along with the cartoony goodness I have come to expect from his art, there is a lot of reading to writer/artist Friesen's Cupcakes of Doom . There is a lot of dialogue, more than in his previous book, Another Dirt Sandwich , but the bit I read was quite funny. I get the feeling that Friesen writes stuff that makes him laugh first and if it makes you laugh, well, that is just gravy. There is a lot of gravy in this book…and hamburgers and cupcakes.

This wasn't much of a review, but if I ever get Cupcakes of Doom back from Mariah I will read it and let you know what I thought of it.

I will leave you with three thoughts:

You can pre-order and view samples of Cupcakes of Doom HERE!

Mariah, the 4 year old Comics in the Classroom contributor says Cupcakes of Doom is Neat .

I say: I have a fever and the only cure is more sea dragon.



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