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The Scrapyard Detectives #4: If It's Free and Good Is There Anything Else To Say?
Review by Scott Tingley, June 29, 2009

The Scrapyard Detectives #4:

How do I start this one? Just read this:

The Scrapyard Detectives is a free comic book series devoted to promoting a union and cooperation of young people from differing cultures.  These educational comic books have proven successful in presenting an appreciation of multiculturalism, ethnicity and diversity.  The Diversity Foundation is pleased to give The Scrapyard Detectives as a free educational tool to libraries, educators and community groups. (from smilesfordiversity.org)

Let me highlight a couple things here. The above quote does not mention the nice clean artwork by Bill Galvan (far superior to his Archie work, in my opinion) and the writing by comic book star J.M. DeMatteis; and it doesn't mention that the book doesn't stink. I've said it before that “Public Service Announcement” comics or “After School Special” comics aren't supposed to be any good. Marvel and DC proved that in the 80s. They were well meaning but nearly unreadable and had topics ranging from bike safety to land mine safety and every horrifying thing in between.

Somehow the Scrapyard Detectives creators figured out how do it right, and they have been publishing good PSA comics for a few years now.

Scrapyard Detectives #4 continues the SD track record of (mostly) down to earth, well written and drawn PSA comics that are FREE . Did you catch that in the above quote? FREE . Just write to them and your school, library, Boys and Girls Club, etc. gets a set. How great is that? Good comics for free.

Issue 4 deals with the accident that put one of the regulars in a wheelchair two years earlier. It is pretty powerful stuff, actually. Lots of guilt, grief, and redemption. And it is FREE .

Go to http://www.smilesfordiversity.org/scrapyard.php to order your own copies and download pdf versions of 1-3. Did I mention they are free?

Oh, and Lesson Plans can be found HERE.



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