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Free Comic Book Day Issues for 2010
Reviews by Scott Tingley, April 30, 2010

Welcome to Comics in the Classroom's not-exactly-annual run-down of the kid-friendly and just plain good comics being offered at the day that ranks in awesomeness just below Xmas and well above my birthday – Free Comic Book Day!

This Saturday (May 1, 2010) venture out to your participating local comic shop and pick up some free comics, and likely a lot of sales.

“But I haven't read a comic in years!” you may reply. Don't worry about it – there will be a lot of free books to choose from – you will likely find something that will interest you.

“Comics are just for kids,” you say? There will be plenty of books for kids and plenty that are so not for kids it isn't funny.

Let's get on with the highlights so far.


Atomic Robo

Published by Red 5 Comics

The book I was looking forward to most this year? Atomic Robo .

The comic I liked most this year? (so far since I haven't read every book yet) Atomic Robo.

The character I am going to have sketched for me by local comic pro, Nick Bradshaw? Atomic Robo .

Book you should get for yourself and your 11 yr old and up? Atomic Robo.

Get the picture?

The folks at Red 5 have continued their 3-4 year tradition of having an amazing comic with which to win over new fans. The major goal of FCBD is to get brand new potential readers into comic shops on an exciting, but low-pressure-to-buy day. Red 5 offers a great book for new-to-comics readers, but it is also perfect for getting existing comic readers hooked on their books.

As usual, there is no swearing in Atomic Robo (and only a few well placed uses of “hell” and a “damn” or two exist in the main book for sale) and I like to flip through it with my 3 and 5 year olds (they have a thing for robots), but I like to play it safe and go with a 11 and up recommendation. It is FREE , so check it out for yourself (there are two backup stories in the issue, and the Box 13 preview was too much for my little ones – not that it was intended for them anyway – but I thought I should mention it).


Mouse Guard by David Petersen

Published by Archaia Press

This is the other comic I have been waiting for. This is the first time an issue of Mouse Guard has been offered for FCBD , and it is a thing of beauty. I understand what is going on in the story because I have already read Mouse Guard vol 1 (I think the story is a bridge between vols 1 and 2 - [#1 out now and #2 is out this July] and the upcoming vol 3), but even if the words are a little hard to follow, the images won't be. The reader is treated to amazing paintings following the mice of the forest, both regular and those of the Guard harvesting food after a long winter (some of the food will surprise you).

BTW, ever wonder what it would look like to see a mouse fight a badger? Wonder no longer!

Let me put it this way, Mouse Guard should be spoken of in the same breath as Bone , by Jeff Smith, when talking about comics for kids (ages 10 and up especially). Pick it up. It is FREE

Flip over the book and you get a new Fraggle Rock comic. Yes, Fraggle Rock. It wasn't bad.



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