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Hey You! Sonic the Hedgehog Digest vol. 12!
Article by Scott Tingley, July 28, 2010

Hey you!

Do you like video games?

Do you play Sonic the Hedgehog video games?

Would you like to play Sonic the Hedgehog video games, but all the bleeping and blooping and wonk-wonking gives you motion sickness?

Do you like words AND pictures?

Would you like to experience all of the excitement of Sonic the Hedgehog video games but in a convenient paper form?

Summer is here again, and I'm sure you are looking for something for the kids to do at the lake since they won't stop complaining about how bored they are ever since they have dropped their DS over the side of the canoe (probably while playing Extreme Canoeing 2010 ). Well, if you thought of that before you headed out on vacation (or “vacation”) you could have stocked up on the Sonic the Hedgehog collection series (currently at #12 with 13 coming out in August).

Sonic the Hedgehog ?” you might be asking yourself. Yes, Sonic the Hedgehog. I have mentioned on this site once already about how I'm not a regular reader of Sonic (the Hedgehog), but then I'm not a regular player of videogames either (Sonic the Hedgehog or otherwise, but this comic and videogames seem to be doing pretty well without my support. I don't mind the stories, but my point is, that doesn't matter– Sonic (T.H.) is wildly popular with those people with whom it is popular with (?). Grown adults, teens and kids of both genders love this character and love the comics that come with it. John Norris, who writes The Cat's Meow reviews on this site regularly reviews the two monthly Sonic the Hedgehog comics – and he loves them. This is a series that goes over well with the young ones, medium young ones and older ones (like you). I've seen teens that turn their nose up at anything comic related that isn't manga (those thick black and white Japanese comics) go nuts over Sonic. This is a popular comic.

I just got my freckly hands (too much information?) on Sonic the Hedgehog Archives: Volume 12 , published by Archie Comics, and I am impressed. This book contains comics 45-48 from the original series (which recently celebrated its 200 th issue), and using a little math I reason that the series publishes 4 issues in every book (that's 4 X 12 = 48. Math is delicious, kids), reprinting the whole series a little at a time.

The book is in digest form and is actually a little bigger than the Archie Digests you see at supermarkets and may remember from when you were a kid (or from when you went to the bathroom last – depending on who you are), and is printed on better paper and has better cover stock than those Archies. The colours are vibrant, the art is perfect for the series – cartoony with lots of flow and movement. The whole thing only costs 7.95, which is only around 2 bucks an issue (love that math...and those brackets, apparently). The backmatter in vol. 12 that brings you up to date on a lot of the Sonic* supporting cast lends added value to the book as well.

You can order these books from, well, anywhere. Amazon has them and so does the Archie site (for 5.99 per volume). Your local comic shop or regular bookstore may have them as well.

Thanks for your time, and happy reading.

P.S: Sonic the Hedgehog .

P.P.S. Sonic

P.P.P.S. the

P.P.P.P.S. Hedgehog .

(*the Hedgehog)



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