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Prilla's Talent: a Tinker Bell - Disney Fairies Comic
Review by Scott Tingley, August 27, 2010

I am such a lazy cheat.  I am going to do almost no work at all on this review of the Paprecutz/Disney graphic novel, Prilla's Talent which features Tinker Bell and the other fairies from the newish series of direct to dvd Tinker Bell movies that I have had to sit through many, many times (they aren't half bad – so that's okay.  My daughter and I  just saw the commercial to the newest movie, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue and she said, I quote: “Oh Daddy!  I NEEEED that movie.” Birthday shopping = done!).

Instead of working on this review, I am going to do two shortcuts. 

1.Quote the publisher's website for the summary:

      The popular Disney Fairy Prilla stars in the very first FAIRIES Graphic Novel from Papercutz!  In this collection of four funny and heartwarming stories, Papercutz fans meet Prilla, Tinker Bell, Rani, Beck, Vidia and more through their adventures in Pixie Hollow. First, Prilla seeks her special ability in “Prilla's Talent, while Vidia shows she's the fastest fairy in “Like the Wind.” Then, the fairies must get ready for the big Bluebell Festival and it's up to Tinker Bell to repair the special festival bell in “The Sound of Friendship.” Lastly, something's amiss between Rani and Tinker Bell in “Best of Friends.”

2. I interviewed my 5 year old daughter about it when we first got the book.  Papercutz sent the book to ME!  If she wants to keep it in her room she has to earn it!!!  No free rides here.

    Dad: (before reading it) Do you think you'll like the book?

    Mariah: Yes – I took a little flip through it and it looks super good .

    Dad: Why do you say that?

    Mariah: Because it looks good, because I like Tinker Bell and I like comics.

    Dad: And you like the Disney Fairies.

    Mariah: Yeah.  The Fairie Festival at Disney [World] was one of my favourite parts of Disney.

    Dad: You've been flipping through for a while – what do you think so far?

    Mariah:  Awesome!  I'm wondering what's going on. 

So we read it.

She loved it.   We read a chapter a night for the next four nights and she enjoyed all of the stories.  The art is similar to the style that is used in the dvd movies I mentioned above, so that was a plus for her.   On a technical note, I thought some of the lettering choices were awkward (cramming way too much into a bubble, almost losing some text because the lettering was too close to the edge of the page, but I think I read somewhere that these are actually reprints of Italian comics, which would explain some of the strange choices.

The only problem my daughter had with the book was that the fairy next to Tinker Bell on the cover isn't just not Prilla, but it isn't even a fairy that stars in any of the four stories.  We both thought that was odd.

If you have a child obsessed with the Disney Fairies like my daughter is, then this is a must buy.  It's independent reading level is probably for a late grade 2 reader and up, but it is also a pretty good bedtime storybook for younger readers or struggling readers.

There are two of the books out now with two more coming this September.

70ish pages of story for 7.99 us / 9.99 Can is not a bad deal.  Your local comic shop can get them for you and so can Amazon and Amazon type booksellers.

5 x 7 1/2 , 112pp., full color paperback, $7.99, 
ISBN 978-1-59707-186-4 
Also in collector's hardcover edition: $12.99 
ISBN 978-1-59707-187-1



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