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LUNCH LADY: and the Cyborg Substitute - Evil robots are fun
Review by Scott Tingley, February 04, 2011


I've been drawing pictures for my kids featuring them being attacked by robots and them defeating the evil menace through cunning, courage, and occasionally, large rocks. Evil robots are fun.

What's this here on my left? LUNCH LADY: and the Cyborg Substitute by Jarret J. Krosoczka ! I've actually been looking for that 96 page paperback comic that uses 2 colour illustrations and costs 5.99 (US) and 6.99 (Can) for months now. I spent an entire evening looking for my “advanced reader's copy” after I saw it advertised on the back of an Archie comic. A copy was sent to me by the publisher too long ago and then I lost track of it, and now here it is sitting next to me. Is it magic or is it that I finally got around to cleaning out the corner I like to call “My Office”?

Magic, definitely magic. (everything above is true...except the magic bit...maybe)

Lunch Lady tells the tale of...Lunch Lady, who is a lunch lady by day and a superhero lunch lady also during the day, and her battle against evil in her school. In this case her battle involves a sinister plot by a teacher to become the Teacher of the Year! Evil robots and “pesky kids” get involved and hilarity ensues. “Evil robots are fun”, indeed.

I liked this book. I enjoyed Krosoczka's cartooning style: his storytelling was easy to follow and his illustrations are silly and well suited for the story at hand. The writing was age appropriate (ages 7-10), both in content and in the amount of text – in this way it sort of reminded me of the BabyMouse books. The text doesn't go on and on when it doesn't need to.

Speaking of going on and on, it's time to stop when you run out of things to say. I enjoyed LUNCH LADY: and the Cyborg Substitute and after I have my 6 year old daughter read it I am going to bring it in for my grade 3 students to see what they think. I'm pretty sure it will be a hit.

I was about to upload this when it struck me that beginning a review of a book with the word “yawn” might send the wrong message…

Also, AMAZON has a preview HERE.

ISBN: 978-0-375-84683-0 (0-375-84683-2)



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