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Cat's Meow: #157 +
Posted by Scott Tingley,

THE CAT'S MEOW #199 The Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Batman has a busy week, and Black Adam finds his scarab.

THE CAT'S MEOW #198 Hush continues to hunt Batman (Beyond), and the Flash learns about his possible future.

THE CAT'S MEOW #197 Galactus seeks a new herald, the Collector collects the Super Hero Squad, Scratch summons his nine lives and the Super Pets come to the rescue.

THE CAT'S MEOW #196 A robot meets a Yeti, Sonic and friends defeat the Iron Queen, Knuckles and friends defeat Dr. Finitevus, and Usagi meets a disgraced samurai.

THE CAT'S MEOW #195 It's another all-DC week as Batman and Wonder Woman face an egg-splosive situation, Freddy Freeman becomes Black Adam Junior, and Trigon babysits Kid Devil.

THE CAT'S MEOW #194 The Super Heroes relaunch, Thor remembers his past, and the Super Friends face some double trouble.

THE CAT'S MEOW #193 Quackerjack starts things off with a bang, and Spider-Man puts a history lesson to good use.

THE CAT'S MEOW #192 It's all all-DC week as Terry McGinnis meets Catwoman, Batman races the Flash and Black Adam makes a friend.

THE CAT'S MEOW #191 Spider-Man and Chat finally get some answers and Usagi meets a Nukekubi.

THE CAT'S MEOW #190 Amy Rose, Antoine and Geoffrey St. John BRING IT, Knuckles meets the Downunda Freedom Fighters, and the Tiny Titans go green.

THE CAT'S MEOW #189 Theo Adam returns, the Super Hero Squaddies are lovestruck, and the Super Friends make some magic.

THE CAT'S MEOW #188 Spider-Man gets a badge, and Batman and Huntress are in "reel" trouble.

THE CAT'S MEOW #187 The Flash faces the Renegades again, Nova helps Gary Gaunt and the Super Friends compete in the Space Olympics.

THE CAT'S MEOW #186 Batman Beyond returns, Captain Marvel battles Mr. Mind, Spider-Man takes on the X-Men, the Super Hero Squad continues, Sonic and Sally get digitized, Knuckles and Vector see lots of action, and Usagi tries to work out a deal with Kato.

THE CAT'S MEOW #185 Darkwing Duck returns to comics, and the Flash is about to commit a crime.

THE CAT'S MEOW #184 Gotham City gets new Batmen, the Vision learns about emotions, the Super Friends battle the W.O.R.M.S., and Superboy joins the Tiny Titans.

THE CAT'S MEOW #183 Blonde Phantom helps Spider-Man and Captain Marvel fights...Captain Marvel?

THE CAT'S MEOW #183 Blonde Phantom helps Spider-Man and Captain Marvel fights...Captain Marvel?

THE CAT'S MEOW #182 The Flash investigates a Rogue murder, the first Iron Man movie gets the comics treatment, and Batman saves Christmas.

THE CAT'S MEOW #181 The Flash gears up for a new series, Power Pack seek Thor's help, and Kitty Pryde has the last word.

THE CAT'S MEOW #180 The Silver Surfer goes berserk, Snively and the Iron Queen enter New Mobotropolis, Spider-Man relives the Secret Wars, and Usagi gets hired.

THE CAT'S MEOW #179 Batman and Green Arrow fight the Fearsome Fangs, Billy Batson can't control himself, Spidey meets the Silencer and the Tiny Titans get shrunk.

THE CAT'S MEOW #178 Nova and Black Widow join the Avengers, the Super Friends deal with memory loss and disabilities, and the X-Men continue their battle with the Knights of Hykon.

THE CAT'S MEOW #177 The Armor Wars conclude, Sonic and Khan fight the Iron King, and Knuckles returns.

THE CAT'S MEOW #175 CARS' Luigi and Guido emigrate to America, MA SUPER HEROES gets a relaunch, and the X-Men battle the Knights of Hykon.

THE CAT'S MEOW #174 Spidey faces the Hulk (sort of), and WALL-E makes his comics debut.

THE CAT'S MEOW #173 Wolf-Man fights the Gorgg, Nemo and friends have help, Thor tries to lead the Super Hero Squad, Storm faces Nightshade, and the Agents of Atlas go toe-to-toe with the X-Men.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 166 It's a Disney-Pixar-BOOM! Kids pairs week as Fillmore and Sarge tell their story, and Mike and Sulley try to figure out why kids are scared again.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 165 Mickey goes BOOM (Kids), the Perhapanauts celebrate Halloween, King Sonic re-forms the Freedom Fighters, and Usagi meets some old comrades.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 164 Billy and Mary fight Dr. Sivana and robot, CARS returns to Radiator Springs, and the Muppets put a spin on Peter Pan.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 163 Kitty tries to outwit some Skrulls to save Wolverine.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 162 Batman meets Catman, G-Man has a cape problem, Spidey and Cap fight Tombstone, Silver the Hedgehog brings bad news, and the Super Friends teach some wannabe villains a lesson.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 161 M-11 cops an attitude, the Super Hero Squad makes their comics debut, the Tiny Titans are full of holes, Spider-Man meets some bombshells, and Banshee faces his past.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 160 M-11 gets an upgrade, Nemo meets a new friend, Tony Stark takes on his armors, Hulk and Tigra go Hollywood, and Muppet Robin Hood concludes.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 159 Astro Boy learns the truth, Peter Parker can't keep his mouth shut, Bunnie has control issues, a peasant family helps Usagi, and Madrox has a real identity crisis.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 158 Astro meets the Lucerto's leader, Batman faces Yetis, Dr. Sivana uses Tawky Tawny, and Sonic and Khan fight the Dark Egg Legion.

THE CAT'S MEOW: Reviews - # 157 Wolf-Man's daughter begins her healing process, the Fantastic Four have a paparazzi problem, the Rhino is trying to go straight, Mike and Sulley return, the Bizarro Super Friends come to Earth, and Plasmus loves Bumblebee.



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