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Introducing the First Nations Graphic Novel - Teacher Guide
posted by Scott Tingley, February 03, 2008


“Ancient Teaching Tool”

  Introducing the First Nations Graphic Novel - Teacher Guide

Native Americans or "First Nations", as the North American Aboriginal people are often called, have used images to record Oral history for hundreds and hundreds of years; or as they would say in the stories; "Since time began". Some used beads in sequential patterns on what are commonly known as "Wampum Belts" while others used "pictographs" which were carved or painted onto bark, or hides, others can be found on rock faces around Turtle Island ( North America ), high on cliff faces such as those around Lake Superior . In other places they were scratched or carved into the rock from as far east as Nova Scotia all the way to the west and from Alberta down to Mexico . Still others recorded the stories and legends in Totem Poles as on the Pacific Northwest west coast. Little Spirit Bear is drawing on the tradition of recording Oral history using Graphic Novels as the contemporary medium for today's audience.

Little Spirit Bear has created a Teaching Tool called, “Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws vol 1: Teacher Guide” to help Teachers, Librarians and Media Literacy specialists better understand Native Peoples and graphic novels. This 34 page CD-PDF, highlights the educational material found throughout the very first comical graphic novel series of, Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws Vol 1: The Sugar Bush.

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What's inside the fun educational Tool:

* Using the art of Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws

* Social Studies

* History

* Geography

* Character Education/ Traditional Teachings

* Native gifts to modern society

* How to order? Our fun stuff!!

* And of course additional resources

All the mentioned subjects above have activity sheets to go along with the Lessons.

Because we all know how busy Teachers are!!

Visit our website for a laugh at www.rabbitandbearpaws.com or to view this innovative educational Teacher Guide and our other products in our online store


Little Spirit Bear Family





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