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I Know More About Bees Than You Do!

Okay. So here goes. I have in front of me a book about bees. A science book about bees. It tells me a lot of information about bees. More than I ever thought I would ever know about bees. Probably everything I will ever need to know about bees. Bees, bees, bees (I think I will give you a total for how many times you had to read bees to get through this piece).






I also have in front of me a very clever and funny book about a girl, her younger sister and her large family. It is about sacrifice, fear, love and corny jokes.

You guessed it, they are the same book. Jay Hosler has created an informative and fun graphic novel that uses the rebellious younger sister vs. protective older sister dynamic to cram you full of bee facts. Buy this for your grade four and up child; then, after your child makes you read this for yourself you will be the most knowledgeable bee family on your block. How does a queen become the queen? How do bees get rid of bees from other clans? How does a bee's metamorphosis work? How do bees find a suitable site for a new nest? You will know all this and more (Hey, you know that a bee dies after it stings an animal, right? But did you know that it can sting another insect and live? You do now. All thanks to Jay Hosler).

This is a truly funny book that will be a hit with your child if they are science minded at all. I have raved about the Mr. Big books by Matt Dembicki, and now I am raving about this. Don't let the comic thing fool you. This is a science book. A very fun science book. I had to take grade eleven science twice (and I still only managed a 65% - darn mole conversion) and I still couldn't put it down.

Go to jayhosler.com/comicchapters.html for a rundown of each chapter and a summary of the Bee Science contained within that chapter. Check out this book and some of his other work, including a five page story entitled Killer Bee, HERE

Oh, and I used the word bee 19 times.

May 28, 2006

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