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Things Take Flight: Review of Flight 3

Flight 3 is the third in a series of anthology books with the loose theme of…wait for it….Flight! This is an incredibly beautiful book. The writing is great and the art is amazing. There are 26 stories in this third volume, and I didn't like all of them. I thought some were amazing, some were pretty good and a there were a very few that I just didn't like at all.

There are portions of Flight 3 that are all ages, and portions that are not. Think of it like a high quality TV channel. Just because you think most of the programs are good does not mean that they are all good for everyone. If you are going to share this with the young people in your life, I suggest that you read it first and mark the stories that you feel are or are not appropriate for them (I think that all of Flight would be appropriate for teens 14+).

The first story of the book is wordless, but I feel is two bloody for little kids (not gruesome, but bloody), but the second to last story of the book is also wordless, and it is a terrific all ages story. Matthew S. Armstrong's beautifully created Snow Cap is a very cute story that I want to see made into a full length storybook.

About halfway through the book is a story by Azad Injejikian called Polaris . It's a real tear jerker. This is a borderline story. I think this is one you would want to sit and read with your child. It tells the story of young Amelia Zot; she was born different - she floats a little. She's fine with it until she gets to school and “even the ugly freckled kid teased and taunted her.” I can't tell you more because I don't want to ruin its emotional impact when you read it for yourself. At least read this one while standing in the bookstore (but if you do there is a good chance you will buy it). Now, I thought the ending showed a suicide, but it doesn't – so read it carefully. Just read it. I am thinking of what great discussions there would be if a middle school guidance/bullying class was given this story to read.

The teacher in me would like to see stories like Polaris made available online for schools or at least a Flight Jr. version, combining the appropriate stories from the first three volumes . Maybe aimed at the grade four or five and above range.

Be sure to check out the Flight 3 previews page HERE. Jellaby - The Tea Party , Tea, and
The Great Bunny Migration were more of my personal favorites.

You will find it at many bookstores and comic shops and online book sellers. Check it out for yourself.

September 8, 2006

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