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Get A Bit Haywire NOW!

Article by Scott Tingley, December 14, 2006

See what I did there with the title? More clever stuff like that later on!

A Bit Haywire is out now, and Vipercomics.com now has a 12 page preview of this very fun and original graphic novel. We had an interview with writer Scott Zirkel and artist/series creator, Mr. Courtney Huddleston a little while back, and now that the book is out I think a refresher is in order.

Owen Bryce is a normal good-natured 10 year-old boy who likes robots and thinks all girls have cooties. One day, however, Owen will soon find out just how abnormal he really is. He'll find out…when everything goes a bit haywire. (from A Bit Haywire.com )

Interested so far? Well, you are still reading, so that is a good sign. A Bit Haywire is a colorful, energetic, ride that anyone can enjoy, but with the sensibilities of kids in mind (secret field trip? Ha!).

YES, I know! I just copied that directly from the lead in I did for the interview! You need to understand that I just finished my report cards, gave my first comic workshop for kids, have my school's Xmas concert to worry about (it's not going well), I have a new baby on the way in two weeks, oh, and I'm kind of lazy. Keep reading. You leaving might just push me over the edge.

I'm going to cut to the chase on this one and let you know that I enjoyed reading the electronic copy I was sent a couple of months ago, and I really liked the actual finished book. Every G.N. that Viper puts out is a thing of beauty. The digest sized books they put out are always attractive and have, so far, been good reads.

The idea for the story is unique and classic at the same time. None of the powers that Owen has are all that original, but their “triggers” are. He can run really fast when he holds his breath, and he can fly when he closes his eyes. What kid doesn't think that holding your breath makes you run really fast? I love the kid logic of the whole thing.

The colors are great, the art is nice, and the writing is fun. What else could you ask for? The whole thing does sort of feel like a polished storyboard for an animated movie pitch, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. Buy this book.

The book is out now. and can be ordered through comic stores with this code: Diamond #SEP063626. It can also be ordered through bookstores and through online booksellers.

112 pages, $11.95

Visit the publisher's site: Viper Comics
Visit the Haywire site: A Bit Haywire


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