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A New Look At Betty & Veronica's New Look

Article by Scott Tingley, December 27, 2006

So, here it is.

Last week I brought to your attention the plan by Archie Comics to introduce a more “realistic” style for Archie and friends to their line of titles. This has met with a lot of discussion, both strongly for and against. Archie Comics has made it clear that this is just a trial, but the idea of altering the familiar style does not sit well with some.

Will this affect your child's reading habits? Will they be more likely or less likely to ask you to get them a digest on their way through the supermarket checkout? Let us know.

Here is the solicitation for the first digest to carry the new look, as well as some sample pages.


THE BEGINNING OF A SPECIAL FOUR-ISSUE SAGA FEATURING RIVERDALE'S FAVORITE TEENS IN A WHOLE NEW LOOK!  “Bad Boy Trouble”: When Nick St. Clair rides into Riverdale on his motorcycle, Veronica is smitten. She likes Nick's air of assurance and his knack for getting noticed.  The only problem is Nick gets noticed for all the wrong things!  Nick quickly alienates all of Ronnie's friends, especially Betty.  Is this handsome rebel the boy of Veronica's dreams, or just plain trouble?  Will Betty and Veronica's friendship come to an end over the new boy in town?  Don't miss the first part of this epic four-part tale, drawn in an all-new style, to be continued the following issue!  SCRIPT: Melanie J. Morgan.  PENCILS: Steven Butler. INKS: Al Milgrom.   PLUS: Other new and classic tales!  SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents.  BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!” 
Shipping April 25, 2006
On sale DCD May 9, 2007
On sale Newsstand May 15, 2007
Full color digest format
$3.69 US
UPC #: 62816-46950-15111


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