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Emily Edison: Teen Heroine vs. Evil Robots, Monsters, and...Her Grandfather by Scott Tingley, Oct 7, 2006

“Emily Edison is an action packed drag race of a comic with a largely all girl cast that will appeal to any gender and nearly any age.” Comics in the Classroom .net

Just saving the fine people at Viper Comics a bit of time for when they wisely decide to use that quote in any future promotions for this book. No sense making them look for it.

Emily Edison leads an action packed, double-dimensional life. Her dad is a super genius appliance repairman, who opened a portal with his nuclear powered vacuum cleaner. After stepping through it, he met, fell in love with, and married Emily's would be mother from another dimension. They had Emily and lived happily for a few years. However these interdimensional romances never last, and Emily's parents divorced. Since then, Emily has divided her time between two worlds. Her hectic teenage life is becoming a blur - homework, slumber parties, unrequited crushes, school dances, and on top of all that: A jealous alternaverse grandfather, who hopes to bring her home by destroying the earth.

Reality hangs in peril, and Emily must use her other worldly powers to save the planet she calls home in the ultimate interdimensional custody battle. From the Emily Edison page on Vipercomics.com (Come back to that later - finish my review first. It takes me a long time to put this stuff together)

Now doesn't that sound like an action packed drag race of a story?

Emily Edison, by by David Hopkins (writer), Brock Rizy (illustrator), is nearly (explained later in the article) the perfect all ages book. The colors are colorful and the action is packed. There are hordes of evil robots (twice!) and a teacher eating monster (really more of a monster that happened to eat a teacher, actually). Also, the art is original and unlike anything I've seen. Bright and colorful and full of energy, like a great Saturday morning cartoon. Perfect for the younger teen crowd (possibly tween as well - see below).

The writing is very clever – I laughed out loud a number of times (I was rolling when I read where Emily's grandfather got the inspiration for the first wave of robots, or Badbots – it's in the free preview which I will send you to later). Perfect for everyone else.

There are, however, a couple of things worth mentioning for parents of younger children and for teachers. One is that very early in the story Emily's dad yells “Give ‘em hell Emily!” as she battles the Badbots. What father wouldn't yell encouragement to his teenage daughter as she saves the world from attacking robots sent by her maternal grandfather to destroy the earth so she is forced to go to his dimension to live? Kidding aside, there is also the recurring character of the artist of the book that smokes and hits on the girls. Kind of strange for a book that is otherwise a a solid all ages book. This bit was not necessary in order to give the book some edge. Its inclusion keeps it from being a perfect all ages read.

This comic novel is as action packed comic as you are going to find. It is as action packed as you are going to find in most any comic out there. This is the best of what you remember from cartoons and comics of your childhood. I cannot recommend this any higher for younger teens all the way up. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect going into it. Something about it didn't look quite right. Wow, was I wrong.

If I haven't convinced you yet check out the free preview. You will find the link HERE. If these pages don't sell you on it, you won't be sold.

You can order it through your local comic shop (tell the person taking your order to use the Diamond code apr06-3434 or book store (Viper comics are distributed by Ingram Books and Baker&Taylor – isbn 0-9777883-2-6 ).

Soon, I will be reviewing another book from Viper, Oddly Normal. I am toying with calling it “Oddly Normal: Great Book –Awful Awful Cover” Check out the first chapter of Oddly Normal while you are waiting.

Any questions or comments, contact me at comicsintheclassroom @ gmail.com


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