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Giveaway FINISHED - for now, but we will be doing it again soon.
Go HERE to see what it is all about

Free Anger Management Books For Guidance

Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Resource Teachers, Principals, Parents, Youth Care Workers! If you are looking for fresh new (FREE!) material for your important work with at-risk students, Out Of This World Comics and Comics in the Classroom have something for you.

I have worked with at-risk students in my career, both in the regular classroom (what classroom teacher hasn't?) and in other structured settings. It can be a tiring job just trying to find something new that might just help move a child a little closer to where they need to be. I hope that we can help lessen that load for just a little while.

Jon Filitti, is the creator and writer of the Out Of This World comic book and activity guidance series for kids, and he would like to give you the chance to use his books for FREE.

The first TEN teachers, guidance councellors, etc. that contact me will be sent a free download of OOTW #1, which deals with ANGER MANAGEMENT. This can be used with one on one, small, or large group settings. Each issue comes with reproducible worksheets that fit within nicely within the context of the story.

Also, if the recipients of the first issue email back letting us know that the first issue was used and how it went (even if it went poorly, but would like to give it another try) you will be sent electronic copies of the rest of the series (as much as I like the first one, I think they get better and more useful with each issue).

We are all looking for that special thing, that program or resource that magically takes that troubled student and “fixes” him/her for ever. There is no such thing, but I think this series can help and it can be a good addition to whatever it is you are using with the students you work with.

Its free if you get to us in time. So why not give it a try?

Contact me to participate - Scott Tingley - comicsintheclassroom @ gmail.com

October 3, 2006


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