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Kids Love Comics!

I was just contacted by Karen Gownley, member of the kids' comics advocacy group, Kids Love Comics. I was a little disapointed that I hadn't stumble upon it myself by now, so I was glad that she had taken the time to let me know about it.

KLC was founded by authors Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules!) and Harold Buchholz (Apathy Kat), to be a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to "increasing awareness and interest in kids' comics through innovative marketing and promotional techniques, and to increasing the comic book medium's sales potential by making kids' comics readily available to the general public through both new and traditional venues." -from KLC mission statement

Instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I would let you read the information from their "about" page. I hope there will be lots more from them here in the future.

"Kids Love Comics is inviting you to join a groundbreaking nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and growth of children's comic books in North America.

Kids Love Comics is a non-profit organization made up of comic creators, publishers, fans, educators and journalists, as well as those involved in the marketing, promotion, distribution, and retail end of the comic book medium.  

We believe there is tremendous untapped potential for kids' comics in North America, but the supply of comics to children has been hampered by a lack of parental and educator awareness, changing distribution trends, and a shift in recent years of creative and financial resources toward older audiences in the comic book community.

The time is right to formally reintroduce kids' comics to mainstream America. Through Kids Love Comics, people with a specific interest in children's comic books will be sharing the value and potential of age-appropriate comics with parents, educators, creators, the media, and the business community all across North America.

We will work on a grass-roots and a national level to make quality age-appropriate comics available to kids. With a national media campaign, and comic creator tours we will spread awareness of this wonderful and profitable medium.

We will work with an   online retailer to create a kid-friendly site where children's comics can be sampled and purchased. Kids Love Comics will provide networking opportunities for comics packaging and development and will serve as a clearinghouse for those interested in making comics available to kids. By joining our cause, you will help spread the word that comic books are a valuable resource for kids' entertainment & education. You can be involved by offering financial support or working with one of our many committees. "

Any questions or comments, contact me at comicsintheclassroom @ gmail.com


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