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Comic Workshops 2007!

Article by Scott Tingley, August 01, 2007

I had the amazing opportunity early this summer to conduct two week-long comic creating day camps for students in my school district. I teach early elementary myself, so I can deal with groups of kids fairly well, but these camps were for grades 5-6 and for grades 8-9. This is not my comfort level and I was a bit nervous going into it.

It went really well though. Some of those kids came in with a lot of talent, but they were all very receptive to what I was trying to teach them. I leaned heavily on Scott McCloud's Making Comics and Will Eisner's Comics and Sequential Art and on online research I had done over the past year for other day workshops. We spent the first day on theory broken up by small cartooning projects. The next day was a review of the first day along with more theory and small projects which all lead up to the major project: a 4-8 comic project. We started day three discussing how scripts are made when the writer and artist are two people and how that process can be a lot different when the creator is one person. The rest of Wednesday and all of Thursday and Friday were spent working. We even had a chance to talk about inking, but the students knew what they really did was tracing (with extra-fine black Sharpies).

The projects turned out really well with some getting it done on Thursday and some not getting it done at all. They worked for four hours a day. They were quite dedicated.

All of the final projects can be seen HERE until October 2007 (those pages completed early were scanned in, but those done on Friday had to be photographed with a digital camera). I worked along with them and was able to create two comics which I put up HERE . I really enjoyed the process and I have a lot of respect for colorists now. My rudimentary coloring took forever!

It was a great experience and I hope to do it again next year.

Scott Tingey


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