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Camp Babymouse : A Review

Article by Scott Tingley, August 03, 2007

Please don't stop reading after the next line. It gets better….trust me.

First thoughts on the Babymouse series: This is a kiddie book that I can't even be bothered to take out of the library.

First impression upon actually opening and reading a couple of pages of Camp Babymouse : Holy Cow! This is pretty good.

Really. This comic digest really surprised me.

Welcome to Camp Babymouse ! Two weeks of fresh air, fun, and friendship! Babymouse cannot wait for the adventures to start. All that she has to do is relax and make sure she doesn't get lost in the wilderness. What could possibly go wrong, right Babymouse? Uh . . . Babymouse? BABYMOUSE ? Uh-oh! Will camp be all that Babymouse dreams of? Or is our brave and fearless camper lost forever ?! Find out in the sixth Babymouse adventure: Camp Babymouse ! (from randomhouse.com)

One of the first things that I picked up on was how the unseen (except but Babymouse – I think) narrator and Babymouse interact. Early on in the book the narrator reviews why, despite how she herself sees things, B.Mouse is not really suited for camping. But, to camp she goes – off to Camp Wild Whiskers: “Where Girls Go To Get Lost”.

Upon entering her cabin for the first time Baby Mouse has a Forest-Gump-first-time-on-the-bus type experience, but with no Jenny. It sort of goes down hill faster than Charlie Brown flying a kite. This is a little mouse with a big imagination, and her daydreaming and lack of camping skills keep making her cabin lose Camp Wild Whiskers Cup points. But she is not one to give up easily (even though she sort of does) and she is redeemed by the end of the book – sort of.

This is a great little book, and with five others available and another out soon, this is a good series to get your young reader hooked on. I think grade one to grade three girls are the target audience, but there is no reason that older girls and boys wouldn't get a kick out of it. The coloring is black, white and pink which works really well with the heavy black line style of the artist Matthew Holm and the witty writing of his sister Jennifer L. Holm

Another reason this is a good series to get your kids hooked on is the price! 5.99 us and 6.99 Canadian seems like a good price to me.

Random House Books for Young Readers· Trade Paperback · Ages 7-10
· May 8, 2007 · $5.99 · 978-0-375-83988-7 (0-375-83988-7)


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