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Henry V: Now Why Didn't I Think Of That?
Article by Scott Tingley, August 17, 2007

“Now why didn't somebody think of that before?” is the first thing that came to my mind while flipping through the three slim sampler comics of Henry V Act 1: Prologue-Scene 2. Maybe this has been done before, but I've never seen it, and certainly not in a comic version. Classical Comics has added a new spin to the “Classics Illustrated” concept. They have produced three different versions of Shakespeare's Henry V: Original Text, Plain text (today's vocabulary), and a Quick Text version (using highly abridged language – just gives you the gist of the dialogue).

Where was this when I wasn't reading King Lear and Tale of Two Cities in High School? Seriously, I think it is an inspired idea. Some would say that this would be a good tool for the lazy student, but the fact is that there are students that cannot read that well, no matter how hard they try. Why shouldn't they have the chance to understand the content and participate in class discussions?

I don't know my Shakespeare that well at all (hey – I've read lots of good stuff, just not Shakespeare – back off), but I assume that the Original Text version is like watching the play; all of the dialogue included. So this version would be good for any student. The Original Text version could help the students reading the original version double check for understanding, and the Quick Text can be for anyone that needs it.

The art is nice and clear and in color. It's not outstanding, but it does the job. It is neither distracting by its "badness" or by being of too high quality.

The only downside to it is that you have to buy all three graphic novels to get the three versions. There is not a text with all three. It would be great if a school could buy a license for all three versions in PDF form (something to think about).

There is a link to the previews I received at the bottom of the page HERE .

I only have the UK release date (5th November 2007), I'll update when I find out about the wider distribution date.

UK Publication Date: 5th November 2007 Format: 144 pages
full colour
246x168mm Versions:
Original Text (full and unabridged)
ISBN: 978-1-906332-00-6

Plain Text
ISBN: 978-1-906332-01-3

Quick Text
ISBN: 978-1-906332-02-0 Price: £9.99

They are also going to be releasing:


Jane Eyre

Great Expectations


NOTE: Fans of this type of thing will want to check out this great resource as well.


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