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All Ages Free Comic Book Day Issues

Posted by Scott Tingley - Compiled by Tracy Edmunds April 1, 2007

Tracy Edmunds (of Newsarama.com fame) has put together for us (from the FCBD site) what seems like all of the all-ages books being offered this Free Comic Book Day. Neither of us have read the books on the list yet and we don't know what will and will not be 100% all ages, but some seem obvious (Archie, Walt Disney), and some others are not so obvious (Tracy expressed concerns over the Gumby issue). This is only a preliminary list; some may be added, some may be taken away. There will be much more said on the subject between now and May 5th.



by J. Torres & Chynna Clugston-Flores

An all-new, all-ages Johnny DC series spinning out of the smash-hit animated series on Kids WB! starring Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes! In this debut issue, the Legion travels back in time for reinforcements to stop the Fatal Five from destroying Metropolis, because this looks like a job for… Clark Kent ?! Can six teenagers from the future help a mild-mannered teenager become the Man of Steel, or will the Fatal Five determine his destiny before it's even begun?

32pgs, FC        FREE

Little Archie “THE Legend of the Lost Lagoon” #1—FCBD EDITION

by Bob Bolling

Little Archie, several campers and two counselors are boating on Loon Lake when they are suddenly caught in a dangerous storm. A golden owl, thought only to be a legend, directs them to the safety of a hidden tunnel that leads them to yet another legend, The Lost Lagoon!

32pgs, FC        FREE



2006 Eisner Award Hall of Fame honoree Floyd Gottfredson brings you the Mickey Mouse you love: a two-fisted scrapper in a jaw-dropping epic! “The Robin Hood Adventure” takes our hero to Medieval times, where he must prove himself a warrior — sword-fighting, jousting, and risking his life to rob the rich! And then there's that little matter of marriage to one of Minnie's ancestors… ods bodkins !

32pgs, FC        FREE

Sonic the Hedgehog—FCBD EDITION

by Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley, & Jim Amash

"Unburying the Hatchet": What could be better than Dr. Eggman's killer robot, Metal Sonic? How about the real thing! What has turned Sonic against his friends in Knothole, and who among our heroes has to power to stop the true blue hero-gone-bad? Fiercely free cover by Spaz!

32pgs, FC        FREE

Lynda Barry Extravaganza— FCBD EDITION

(Note: This says all-ages, but I have not seen her work.)

Lynda Barry is one of the best known contemporary cartoonists — her comic is syndicated in numerous weeklies and has been read faithfully by thousands for almost 30 years. She got her start in the late '70s when her then-schoolmate (a certain fellow by the name of Matt Groening) published her first comic in the school newspaper and the rest, as they say, is history. This all ages, all-Lynda Barry Free Comic Day issue will be an excellent sampler of the work of this legendary cartoonist and will provide a sneak peak at what's in store from D+Q and Lynda Barry in the months and years ahead. Features an all-new cover by Lynda Barry!

32pgs, B&W    FREE


by Charles M. Schulz

Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts is the most-reprinted comic strip of all time, with literally hundreds of collections published in the last 50 years. You would expect that by now every Peanuts strip has been collected more than once... and you'd be very wrong! In fact, hundreds of Peanuts strips were never reprinted. The Complete Peanuts has been rectifying this, and The Unseen Peanuts is a special collection of over 100 of these rarities. It's a great introduction of the strip to new readers, and a fascinating trove of rarities that will surprise and delight even the most diligent Peanuts — a perfect sampler for both neophyte and old hand!

32pgs, B&W    FREE


by Fred Van Lente & Paul Benjamin, & James Cordeiro

All-New Stories! First, Tony Stark must find out who or what is behind a mysterious series of thefts at Stark International of Brazil, but is the answer more than his alter-ego, the Invincible Iron Man , can handle? And in our second feature, brilliant scientist Bruce Banner has a secret side to his personality — an alter ego that's capable of causing mass destruction — The Incredible Hulk ! Can he keep the gamma-powered monster at bay while on the run from the authorities? PLUS: We've got a story featuring Eisner-Nominated Franklin Richards! Son of a Genius! Cover by David Nakayama.

32pgs, FC        FREE

Amelia Rules!: Hangin' Out—FCBD EDITION

by Jimmy Gownley

Hot on the heals of it's successful graphic novel launch, Amelia Rules! returns for Free Comic Book Day! Amelia Rules!: Hangin' Out contains a brand-new story featuring all the trademark Amelia wit and wistfulness. This Multiple Eisner-nominee is the perfect title to introduce kids of all ages to comic books. Also featured in his issue is a full-color preview of Renaissance Press's upcoming title Apathy Kat ."

32pgs, FC        FREE

Buzzboy / Roboy Red: The Buzz & The 'Bot #0—FCBD 2007 Edition

by John Gallagher & Rich Faber

Sky-Dog Press joins the 2007 FCBD celebration with two all-new, fun and fantastic tales for kids of all ages — plus comic how-to's and a create-your-own-hero contest! Buzzboy is a milkshake drinking, cheeseburger chomping, super sidekick! Roboy Red is a runaway robot with a heart of gold — a thermonuclear-powered mechanical mite! This special zero issue presents the untold origins of both Buzzboy and Roboy, and is a great way to introduce young readers to the magic of comics!

32pgs, FC    FREE

O WLY & KORGI—fcbd edition

by Andy Runton & Christian Slade

Top Shelf is proud to join the 2007 Free Comic Book Day celebration with not one, but two all-ages tales! First, from the fan-favorite series, Owly by Andy Runton, comes the all-new story "Helping Hands." Springtime has arrived, and Owly must use his past to help a new friend face her fears. Following that is a special bonus — the first appearance of the new all-ages series Korgi , by Christian Slade! The first volume of the Korgi graphic novel series will hit stores simultaneously with this FCBD edition, and "Sprout's Lost Cookie" will give readers their first glimpse of this gorgeously illustrated woodland fantasy about a young girl Ivy, her dog Sprout, and their amazing adventures in Korgi Hollow. This is a special 2-in-1 package that everyone will want to read and save. Perfect for the kid in all of us.

32pgs, B&W    FREE




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