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Marvel Adventures Articles and Previews

It's real nice when people do my work for me. Marvel Comics has a series of comics under the “Marvel Age” label that offers well written and illustrated versions of their iconic properties aimed squarely at younger readers. There are Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Avengers titles (Captain America , Iron Man, Hulk, Storm, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Giant Girl – wonder what her power is?). John Norris has reviewed these titles and there is an interview with the Spiderman Artist that I did HERE .

But, like I said, it's real nice when people do my work for me. This week at ComicBookResources.com there is a two part article about the comic line (part one) (part two), and over at Newsarama.com there is a seven page preview of the next issue of Marvel Adventures The Avengers (#9) – Due out on January 17, 2007.

These comics are perfect if your kids have enjoyed the Xmen, Spiderman and Fantastic Four movies. They are also available collected in digests. Ask your local retailer about them, or they can be ordered by typing Marvel Adventures Digest in at Amazon.com, or whatever online store you buy your books from.


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