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Neal Adams on Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws, vol 1:The Sugar Bush.

Now in Diamond Previews.

Press Release
Posted by Scott Tingley - May 1, 2007

"We have waited a long time for a comic strip from a North American Indian about North American Indians. It looks like that time has come. Kudos for our brothers."  NEAL ADAMS

Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws - The Sugar Bush (Vol. 1) is featured in the May edition of Diamond Previews (Preview Code May073606). To view sample pages of the graphic novel, please visit www.rabbitandbearpaws.com /gnovel.php


Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws - The Sugar Bush (Vol. 1) is set in 18th Century colonized North America and follows the story of two mischievous Ojibwa brothers as they play pranks and have amazing adventures using a traditional Ojibwa medicine that transforms them into animals for a short time. The stories, based upon the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers (wisdom from the Anishinabek community), are rapidly gaining fans all over the world for their entertaining images of North American Native history and culture.

Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws - The Sugar Bush (Vol. 1) is a compilation of the first 64 comic strips jam packed onto 32 pages in perfect bound 8½ " x 11" European album format, plus comic strips not showcased on our website www.rabbitandbearpaws.com

Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws - The Sugar Bush (Vol. 1) is created and drawn by Chad Solomon with the guidance of his Community Elders in collaboration with writer Christopher Meyer and co-artist Julie Pickering.

For comments and questions, please contact us at chad@rabbitandbearpaws.com

Diamond Preview Code - may073606 (page 325)

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