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Going APE Over Two New Comics

I was recently emailed a couple of comics in PDF form for review from Ape Entertainment, and even though they are completely different, I thought I would review them together and share them with you.

The first comic I read was the strange and beautiful Under the Midnight Sun . It is the story of a young shadow named Cail and his quest to see the sun. Every morning and every night he stretches out, trying to catch a glimpse. Things take a turn for the worst at the end, but Cail keeps trying.

Midnight Sun is a story for the upcoming Fablewood Anthology from Ape Entertainment; a collection of classic and modern fantasy stories.

The art is my favorite and least favorite part of the story. I loved the sketchy lines used to portray the bare trees it created some powerful images. I didn't care for the choice to give the shadows human faces. I had to keep that from taking me out of the experience. I'm not an artist, but that's just how I felt, and the good outweighs any complaints I had.

Based only on this story, I would say that Fablewood is intended for a teen/young adult audience, but might be fine for younger readers. This is what I would recommend for Under the Midnight Sun at least. I will let you know more when the anthology is completed and I get a chance to read the whole thing.

And now for something completely different. White Picket Fences from is the story of a small town during the cold war. Paranoia amongst the adults runs rampant and three local boys use all of it as inspiration for their play. Charlie, Parker and Tommy, three local kids, have decided that there is something up in town, and they are probably right since, one day, the Army rolls in and sets up shop.

When eleven-year-old Charlie Hobson uncovers Martian weaponry hidden in the outskirts of his hometown of Greenview, he unwittingly sets the stage for a world threatening conflict that will pit the American Military against a deadly alien menace. As his own backyard becomes a battleground, Charlie must embark upon an adventure to return normalcy not only to Greenview, but also to the entire planet! (from ape-entertainment.com)

This is a cleverly written book with some beautiful art (despite a couple of bits that seem rushed to me) and really interesting/nice coloring. There are not that many books for younger readers that reference the cold war, but this is one, and I think it would be interesting to see what a young reader makes of the references.

I would put this as suitable for middle school and up but it wouldn't be bad if someone younger got their hands on it.

A complete five page story can be found HERE.

This is the first of three issues. I look forward to seeing where the rest of the series goes.





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