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Posted by Scott Tingley, November 06, 2007

Press Release

Comics Lovers of All Ages Can Read Digitally Daily and in Print at each Month's End

Sugary Serials (www.sugaryserials.com), an imprint of 01 Comics, has announced the release of the first issue in their monthly all ages anthology that promises to blur the distinction between web comics and print comics. The stories are serialized on the web site daily, then collected in print at the end of each month. The creator owned comics are being made by some of the finest artists on the web as well as veterans of the print industry, and the stories are inspired by the kinds of cartoons found on Saturday mornings.

The anthology can be read in a variety of ways. It is available on the web site, or it can be downloaded to the user's PSP or favorite comics reading program. Each issue can also be purchased in print from the Indy Planet web site (www.indyplanet.com). The online archives will always remain free.

Jerzy Drozd, co-creator of Make Like A Tree Comics (www.mlatcomics.com), designed the update schedule and developed the vision of the anthology. He presented the idea to Barry Gregory, owner and operator of Ka-Blam Digital Printing (www.ka-blam.com) and its fulfillment house, Indy Planet (www.indyplanet.com). As publisher of Sugary Serials, Gregory provides the print component.

“[Jerzy Drozd] really grasps the concept of digital comics and print-on-demand,” said Gregory. “He understands their potential.” Besides acting as publisher, Gregory will even be contributing a story to the anthology. “It's one of the most fun things I've been involved with in a long time.”

Besides the marriage of web and print comics, Sugary Serials promises still more unique features to set it apart from the usual online comics collective or anthology. The stories will be brand new, and the lineup will constantly change. Every month at least three stories will be featured on the web site in 8-page ‘acts'. The stories will run anywhere from 8 pages to 32 pages. As each story is completed, it will be replaced by a brand new title. The constantly changing lineup will ensure fresh content every few months.

”I've always been fascinated by the specific storytelling requirements found in Saturday morning cartoons,” said Jerzy Drozd, Sugary Serials contributing editor. “You have limited time to tell a complete story, so the writers used all kinds of shorthand with both the characters and the plot. Sugary Serials intends to map those sensibilities onto a new generation of comics, for all generations of readers.”


About Sugary Serials

The anthology was conceived of and designed by Jerzy Drozd. He, as well as the publisher and the various creators invited to join the project, spent nearly a year developing the content for the series.

For more information about the anthology, visit www.sugaryserials.com




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