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Library Workshop
Article by Scott Tingley, November 18. 2007

This past Saturday (Nov 17, 2007), I had the opportunity to conduct another comic creating workshop for kids in the Greater Moncton area ( New Brunswick , Canada ). The Riverview Public Library had me come in as a way to kick off TD Canadian Children's Book Week 2007 . Only a small number of kids had signed up by mid-week and it was in danger of being cancelled, but just enough kids signed up at the last moment. By 9:00 this morning we were well over that limit with extra kids joining at the last moment. The more the merrier.

The workshop was advertised as being for upper elementary aged students, but kids in grade two and middle and high school students took part as well. My workshop plan is always changing, but one thing I love about the current model is that it is applicable to kids of any age as long as they have some writing ability and a willingness to listen and do a little work. I've used pretty much the same model with grade 3 students all the way up to grade 9-10 students.

All of the workshops I do focus not on how to draw, but on storytelling. Some of the best stories I've seen kids create were illustrated using stick figures.

Thanks to the Riverview Public Library for hosting me today, and I will be at Gamezilla on Mountain Road, Moncton this coming Saturday (Nov 24) doing my thing there. Call Gamezilla at 855-7101 or email me for details.

Scott Tingley,
Editor / Administrator




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