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Press Release posted by Scott Tingley, September 01, 2007



BELLINGHAM, WA - August 29, 2007 - While many 16-year olds are taking their allowances to and buying the latest installment of their favorite comic book, Emma Davis is busily providing them with new stories to fill their imaginations.

Emma is the creator and writer of Bluewater Productions Violet Rose; a supporting story now appearing at in The Legend of ISIS: Graphic Novel Beginnings. And at 16 (she was 13 when the character was created) is arguably the youngest comic book author in the industry.

"Its such a great opportunity," said Emma Davis, "I really enjoy writing and this was a great way for me to express myself. I am really excited to finally be in print!"

Violet Rose follows the adventures of a 6th grade heroine with unusual powers. As Davis puts it, "Basically it's a detective story. It's about girl
who uses inherited telepathic powers that allows her to talk and interact with inanimate objects. The first book is about a field trip to a Winchester-like House gone bad. So Violet Rose has to collaborate with the house with her powers."

According to Bluewater Productions president Darren Davis, and Emma's uncle,"I am excited to get this book out there.  We have even had some interest in a cartoon series based off of this series. Emma told me some of her ideas for a four-issue mini-series, and I looking forward to publishing them. Her writing is amazing - you would never know it was done by a 16 year old.  We
are also starting an all ages line called BlueH20.  Violet Rose will be the 1st one in November.

Emma admits her stories aren't for the same audience most of the other titles in the Bluewater universe attract. "Its definitely for younger kids, she said. "I've written several stories about Violet Rose and in future comics or maybe even novels; we will get to know her much better-kind of
what JK Rowling did for Harry Potter."

Artist Brian Hess said "After sketching up what finally became Violet, I knew this character was the perfect fit for the comic. I have had so much fun working with Emma and Darren on this story".

Emma is enjoying her moment of newfound celebrity. "My Language Arts teacher asked me to autograph a copy of the comic." Emma has also been interviewed by Jazma Online and featured on the Bluewater website.

Violet Rose will be available at your local comic book store.

For more information on Bluewater Productions, visit them online at their all-new, recently redesigned Web site ( http://www.bluewatercomics.com ), or check them out in your local comic book shop!


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