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Dear Teachers,

Good luck using Lions, Tigers and Bears in your classroom. I think you will be pleased with the results.

Go to http://www.runemasterstudios.com/literacy.php to find the complete Lions, Tigers and Bears story.

For worksheet one, have your students read page one ONLY. Repeat this for the first three story pages and corresponding worksheet. To keep them from reading ahead you could have the students read the the first three comic pages, as necessary, off of an overhead or an LCD projector or even a Smart Board if your school has one.

The first worksheet tells the student to describe something first and then draw it. You may want to allow your students, or certain students, to draw and then write. Pick whichever way will get the best results from your students.

After page two of both the comic and the worksheets it will not matter if the student reads ahead in the story, so you may want to assign parts of it for homework if you have a student body that can access computers for their homework.

WORKSHEET 4- On the workpage this one says "Page 3", but it is Page 4 - Sorry for the inconvenience.

Let me now how the lessons went. comicsintheclassroom@gmail.com

Any questions or comments, contact me at comicsintheclassroom @ gmail.com


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