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Free Comics! No, Really

February 7, 2006

Click HERE to visit the site and see the list of this year's Free Comic Book Day issues.

What? You've never heard of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)? FCBD started in 2002 and is exactly what it sounds like. It is a day you and your children can walk into a comic shop and pick up a stack of FCBD books absolutely free. There is a wide selection of books available: all ages books, books for teens, and a few very literary books if you are looking for that sort of thing (if you are relatively new to comics, these ones may surprise you). plans to offer a complete shopping list of books that would be suitable and of interest to the young people in your life. If you are a teacher, I will be providing lesson plans, lesson ideas, and even worksheets for a number of the books offered on May 6 th so be sure to check back in April for that (and everyday between now and then please).


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