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World of Quest: The Book That Has It All

If you were looking for a book to satisfy the action loving, booger joke laughing, magic/mystery fan in your family –have you come to the right place!

The World of Quest, by Jason Kruse is a self published Graphic novel under the Komicwerks label (I'm not sure how that works, but I think it boils down to Jason paying for the thing out of his own pocket). Due to release in late July.

Quest starts out with a young prince trying to convince a long retired soldier (name Quest) to return to duty in order to help out the prince's family. To say he strongly refuses is an understatement. As I was reading this I thought it would follow the predictable pattern that most stories that start this way go. Like with Shrek and Donkey – eventually the ogre gives in to the friendship of the donkey and it is a touching moment. Nope. Not Quest. Not interested. He couldn't care less about how much trouble the boy and his family are in. He fights the big snot monster (your boys will love that one girls too, but lets face it, young boys can't get enough of that kind of humor), but only to save himself. He eventually relents and begins to help, but not for heroic reasons. In this first volume we do not learn why Quest is so dead against helping, but I bet the reason is a doozey.

Check the Komikwerk's official preview to get a look at the clean, cartoony art work and to get a feel for the story. I found the book creative and original. It seemed like it was going to be predictable - fun, but predictable. I was pleasantly surprised. If you are interested, be sure to ask your local shop to order it in. You can find the ad below in the Previews catalogue under K for Komikwerks. Bring along the Diamond Order Number below to make ordering easier.

Shipping date: 7/26/06
Price: $14.95
Diamond Order Number: MAY06 3255

June 12, 2006





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