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That's Oddly Normal March15, 2006

From the Viper Comics press release: We all remember the growing pains of childhood. Trying to fit in, not looking quite right, being teased and having to relocate to a fictional world with fantastic creatures pulled from dreams and nightmares alike. Yes, some themes are universal and now Viper Comics wants to introduce you to an odd (yet normal) child who has experienced all of these things, and they want you to do it for FREE!

Oddly Normal is a 10-year old girl with the most unfortunate name and the luck to go with it. The product of a unique mixed-marriage (her mother is a witch and her father is a human), Oddly has grown up between cultures and is the proverbial outsider. On her 10th birthday, her parents mysteriously disappear and she is left in the care of her great Aunt, a citizen of a fantastic place called "Fignation."

This May the trade paperback collecting Oddly's first critically acclaimed adventure in the land of Fignation will be released to comic stores everywhere. To celebrate, Viper Comics has posted the entire sold-out first issue of the four-issue series on their website:

Also, as an added incentive to retailers, the company will send interested comic shops a set of issues 2-4 at no charge. says Oddly Normal is, “one of the best all ages series I've ever read.” promises, “You'll love the half-witch known as Oddly Normal!”

Experience the life of a true misfit and step into Oddly Normal's shoes this May!

112 Pages/Color/$11.95/ISBN: 0-9777883-0-X

TPB code: Diamond Previews: MAR06 3471

Viper Comics




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