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Amelia Rules! March 31, 2006

That is the name of the comic I would like to share with you today, and truer words have never been spoken. Amelia certainly does Rule (lame, I know, but how could I resist). Amelia Rules! is a series about a wise little girl, her mother, and her odd assortment of friends. The Gownleys sent me a handful of issues from Jimmy Gownley's 2001 debut series and it took a grand total of two pages to make me a fan (see below for those two pages).

These two pages pretty much tell you everything you need to know about the girl and the series: precocious elementary student; family troubles; loving family; odd friends; clean, attractive art; nice colors; fun and clever dialogue. The three issues I was sent feature several short stories that make up an entire issue length story. Each issue is one complete story so you do not need to worry about having all of them to understand the story (you will, however, want all of the issues - you will buy them for your kids and read them under your covers with a flashlight so they don't catch you).

The best part of each issue is the first page or two where Amelia talks directly to the reader and tells us what is going on in her life at that time. “Charming” is the most accurate word I can think of to describe those pages. There is a lot of silly action and goofiness in every issue, but if you don't care for those first pages you might not like the series as a whole. But don't take my word for it. Read the pages below and make up your own mind.

On a more serious note, Amelia Rules! would be a good book for you and your kids to read in order to start up a dialogue about some of the issues that may be going on in your lives (divorce, goals and dreams, growing up, popularity). As you will read in the pages below, the books are not preachy, but they are blunt. Sometimes we adults have trouble being blunt with kids when that is what is necessary.

If you are still not convinced, be sure to pick up the Free Comic Book Day issue on May 6 th . Also, if my copy comes in time there will be a review of it complete with lesson ideas HERE before FCBD. And, find out more at

The following Pages are from Amelia Rules! #1, 2001

This following is information sent to me by Karen Gownley:

Writer/artist Jimmy Gownley recently completed a the 6-issue storyline which is titled "Amelia Rules! Superheros." (the last installment was released in November). The issues will be collected in a trade paperback and released in June, 2006 by Renaissance Press.

Our two other trade paperbacks, "Amelia Rules: The Whole World's Crazy" and "Amelia Rules! What Makes You Happy" were published by iBooks and sold-out of two printings each.




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