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Mouse Guard #1 Sells Out March 3, 2006

Press Release

Archaia Studios Press (ASP) is amazed and pleased to announce that David Petersen's Mouse Guard, which hit retailers' shelves last Wednesday, Feb 22, has sold out. ASP sold through its 8,000-copy print run with both initial orders and a stunning and rapid amount of reorders. Fans and retailers will be happy to know that ASP will solicit a 2nd printing through the March 15 Diamond Dateline Previews Plus. The 2nd printing will be available in early April, along with Mouse Guard #2.

“Wow,” said David Petersen. “Let me just say ‘thanks' first and foremost to all of the retailers and readers who have taken to my little band of mice. I love telling their stories and it's even more thrilling when readers are so supportive.”

“When Aki Liao, who runs ASP with me, and I first saw Mouse Guard, we were floored by David's visuals and the unique story,” said Mark Smylie, publisher at ASP. “Our initial order numbers were strong, so we knew we were on to something, but then the reorders hit---quickly. Add to that a busy ASP booth at New York Comic-Con where we sold 300 issues of Mouse Guard in three days, and we realized we were going to be out in a week. It's an exciting thing to have happen.”

Mouse Guard is the story of a band of mice trying to survive in a hostile medieval world, to prosper among harsh conditions and vicious predators. In the 1st issue, we met three members of the Mouse Guard on a mission to find a grain peddler who has disappeared on his journey from one protected mouse hold to another.

In Mouse Guard #2, coming in April: while Guards Saxon, Kenzie and Lieam are off searching for the missing grain mouse, another of the Guard, Sadie, is dispatched to a shore outpost of the mice territories. Conrad, the mouse posted there, has failed to stay in touch with the outside world for far too long… This next chapter follows the intrigue into how the grain mouse came to have the map of Lockhaven, home of the Mouse Guard.

Each issue of Mouse Guard releases bi-monthly and is 24-pages, full color, 8”x8” and retails for $3.50. It is recommended for ages 10+.




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