Month: October 2019

Cool Tech Tools To Learn Languages

The following are the tools that are being used worldwide to impart practise in speaking, reading, listening and writing with different languages:

  • Google Tool Creator

The Google Tool Creator is an exciting tool that allows teachers to take students on virtual field trips to give them a better understanding of the country, its language and culture. What’s more exciting is that students can have a 360 degree view of the place while listening to a narration of the place and its history.

  • Lyrics Training

What makes Lyrics Training absolutely unique is that it allows students to view a music video and type out the lyrics. This is an engaging way to make students learn the language through one of their favourite pastimes.

  • Padlet

With Padlet, students engage themselves in active interaction through online discussions. Discussions can be enhanced with texts, images, videos and reference links.

  • Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a popular tool that is a fun way to create videos. It encourages students to post videos of themselves speaking in the learning language. This permits a group of students to post videos and respond the same way to other’s videos, thus making them speak the language more.