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Cool Tech Tools To Learn Languages

The following are the tools that are being used worldwide to impart practise in speaking, reading, listening and writing with different languages:

  • Google Tool Creator

The Google Tool Creator is an exciting tool that allows teachers to take students on virtual field trips to give them a better understanding of the country, its language and culture. What’s more exciting is that students can have a 360 degree view of the place while listening to a narration of the place and its history.

  • Lyrics Training

What makes Lyrics Training absolutely unique is that it allows students to view a music video and type out the lyrics. This is an engaging way to make students learn the language through one of their favourite pastimes.

  • Padlet

With Padlet, students engage themselves in active interaction through online discussions. Discussions can be enhanced with texts, images, videos and reference links.

  • Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a popular tool that is a fun way to create videos. It encourages students to post videos of themselves speaking in the learning language. This permits a group of students to post videos and respond the same way to other’s videos, thus making them speak the language more.


How to use a flip grid effectively?

When the whole world is struggling in the grips of a deadly pandemic, the need for video sharing tools like Flip grid is becoming essential. Flip grid is widespread in most of the countries because of its utmost ease of use features. It has been immensely successful in collaborating students and tutors from across the world in a common platform. Teachers set up an account and create topic grids that act as a community for students to work. They post short educational videos in the grid and invite students to post response videos in the grid. This article takes you through some of the features of flip grid.

  • Improve your language skills

Flip grid is an effective collaborative platform for people all over the world. The teachers and students from different parts of the world get the opportunity to practice their language skills with a broader audience. Students can improve their vocabulary by conversing with native speakers of language through this platform.

  • Closed captioning Videos

Flip grid’s close captioning videos allow the students to view the transcript of the video. The feature increases the accessibility of students.

  • Annotations

The students have the option to write directly on the video while recording, and they can even add sticky notes with additional texts.

  • Mixtape

Mixtape feature allows the teachers to curate videos from any topics or grid in a single location. This feature can be used to collect the best videos throughout the year.

  • Appreciating works

Sharing and celebrating finished assignments is a way of motivating the students, and Flip grid provides a suitable environment to encourage one another.

All these features collectively make Flip grid an excellent platform to learn and teach.