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Due to technical problems with this site, new updates can be found HERE.

We Fight Robots! Just because I can, I've decided to create a new blog where I can post up the comics I create for my kids. Enjoy...Comments and criticism are welcomed and encouraged.

The Chess Comic: Learning Chess Through Comics is written and drawn by Scott Tingley, the guy in charge around here. A new comics regularly posted. Comments and criticism are welcomed and encouraged.
News and Reviews
The Comic Hunter nominated for a Joe Shuster Award The Comic Hunter (Moncton) has been nominated for a Joe Schuster Award: The Harry Kremer Award for Outstanding Comic Book Retailer.

Your Life in Comics: 100 Things for Guys to Write and Draw - A Review This book is good as an “explore the stuff going on in your life” handbook that could be used to get teen boys thinking about the good and bad stuff that makes up their lives. But, there is more to the book than that.

Letter Lunch: A Chickadee Surprise I've got a review here of a four page comic that you can only read if you happen to have a copy of the January/February 2011 Chickadee Magazine...So this comic must be pretty good if I still reviewed it.

LUNCH LADY: and the Cyborg Substitute What's that over there? Why it's that book I've been looking for a long time. I think it has pesky kids, evil robots, bad guys and female super heroes. I wonder if it's any good? Click on in while I read it.

DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book...Pop-Ups Within Pop-Ups A review, in which I start with a joke I really like...and then it goes down-hill from there. Te book is really good though.

Graphic Classics vol 19, Christmas Classics...Yay Comics Tom Pomplun edits us a Holiday treat perfect for the comic lover and literature lover in all of us.

The Purple Smurfs: The Smurf of the Living Smurf When a strange purple fly bites one of the Smurfs, a full-on purple epidemic develops in the Smurf village! The inevitable zombie apocalypse strikes Smurf villiage.

-LINK- ESSEX COUNTY named one of Canada Reads' Top 40 Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade! You can head to the Canada Reads web site, now through November 7, and vote for your pick for the final Top 10 list!

Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws Vol.3: True Hearts has been nominated for one of Canada's top children's book awards, Festival of Trees - the Silver Birch Award.

Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws in the 21 st century: One Laptop Per Child program - 10,000 ebooks licenced for the launch of the One Laptop Per Child program in Canada. -press release-

World War II From two different perspectives: Comics in the Classroom Podcast 5 Two books for the price of one podcast (it doesn't actualy cost anything)..

Email Sharing Time: "This is Mark Andrew Smith.  I wanted to let you know that the New Brighton Archeological Society, an all ages original graphic novel, is online and can be read throughout the year for FREE.  A new page will be uploaded every weekday.  It's great for fans of Young Adult Lit and Fantasy and it was nominated for the Harvey Award this year.  Please check it out and pass on the word!"

Message passed.

Link: The Comic Teacher David Rickert has created a website full of comic resources teachers can use to help teach subject matter. Check it out.

ACTIONOPOLIS Launches Sixteen Brand New Series in eBook Format Komikwerks announced an expansion of the Actionopolis line of critically-acclaimed, action-packed novels for young readers.-Press Release-

Prilla's Talent: a Tinker Bell - Disney Fairies Comic Tinker Bell + Comics = a Tinker Bell Comic! If you or a young reader you know likes the Disney Fairies you might want to check this out.

Hey You! Sonic the Hedgehog Digest vol. 12! Hey you! Do you like video games? Do you play Sonic the Hedgehog video games? Would you like to play Sonic the Hedgehog video games, but all the bleeping and blooping and wonk-wonking gives you motion sickness?

Binky to the Rescue: A Mariah and Dad Review Will Binky the cat save his best friend and co-pilot and stuffed mousie, Ted? Will the enemy warship/ hornets nest overwhelm the space station/house? I don't know. Maybe?

The Best of Archie: Dan Decarlo - Three Reviewers + One Book = ...4? That's right. It takes three reviewers to handle this one, but is it because the book is so BIG or because it is so GOOD?

Alison Dare DOUBLE BLOG DARE TOUR! Tundra Books are having a blog tour for their new editions of J.Torres' and J.Bone's Alison Dare Graphic Novels and we are on it!

Free Comic Book Day Reviews - 2010! Check out what this year's comics are like!

Atomic Robo = Sciency Goodness: Comics in the Classroom Podcast 4 I tried, but I couldn't keep it to under 3 minutes this time.

LINK: Comics in the Classroom PODCASTS! That's right, we now have podcasts! You can hear them all when you visit our podcast blog HERE.

So far: Boom Studios' kids line of comics has been highlighted, an awesome sciency comic got reviewed and finally, a three-in-one review of some terrific storybooks.

LINK: We Fight Robots! Just because I can, I've decided to create a new blog where I can post up the comics I create for my kids. Enjoy...and if anyone actually visits, please comment. It's the only way I'll know you're out there.

LINK: Small Press Idol Is Back!

Binky The Space Cat: Protecting the World One Alien/Bug at a Time Now hat's funny! Does your cat protect you from alien invaders on a regular basis? You and the young readers in your life may be surprised to discover that the answer is probably, YES!

Things You May Not Know About Johnny Boo & the Happy Apples Come in and find out some things I learned from reading this kid's comic/storybook. Things such as #5: Ice Cream Monsters are not to be trusted – no matter what day of the week it is.

Bestselling Comics Creator Jeff Smith to Publish More BONE Titles with Scholastic "I always said I would find a way to draw more Bone stories, and now I have,” said Jeff Smith. -Press Release-

Salt Water Taffy: A Very Good Vacation Comic It took me forever to get to this one, but was the wait worth it? Didn't you read the title of the review? I guess you'll have to click in to find out then.

Archie Digests and My Family's Vacation Plans
I think I did this bit last year at this time, but why not do it again? Archie Digests = Summer time fun

Path: A Go, Go, Go Review Do you think your kids would be interested in a book length chase scene featuring monsters of every shape and size (crocidogs!), a robot, a rabit and an elephant? Me too.

Can't Hardly Wait: A Sort Of Review of the Fourth Baby Sitters Club Graphic Novel This started out as a review of book 4, but it turned into a just-letting-you-know-it-exists kind of piece. Click in to find out more.

The ElseWhere Chronicles: A Shiny, Happy Review In Disguise I'm not even sure what I did here, but I do like the book and you've likely never heard of it, so click on in and see what all the fuss is about.

Amelia Rules 4: When the Past is a Present - A Hack Review For a Great Book
I'm not so much reviewing this one; I'm just letting you know, or reminding you that it exists and that it is good. But come in and read it anyway...I worked really hard!

LINK: Can't Draw? Pixton Can Help You Create Your Own Comics Thanks to our friends at The Graphic Classroom for the link

The Scrapyard Detectives #4: If It's Free and Good Is There Anything Else To Say? PSA comics are supposed to stink, but somehow the Scrapyard Detectives creators figured out how do it right.

Adventures in Cartooning - or - "I Want To Read It Again" Once upon a time . . . a princess tried to make a comic. And once upon a time I did a review by rewriting what someone told me about a book. It's good stuff though.

Owly Vol 5: Tiny Tales, a Review or a Revelation of an Owly Crush A bird, a heart and a tree = Birdies Love Trees (this one gets a little weird, but stick with me on this).

We are light on the coverage this year, but Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 02, 2009! It is like My Birthday and the last day of school all rolled into one. Click on the FCBD image to find out more.

Atomic Robo = PG Roboty Goodness Robots, Explosions, Giant Ants and a roving Egyptian Pyramid. How can you resist?

BOOM! Studios Launches BOOM! Kids Comic Book Line Releases for younger readers include THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS, THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK, and CARS: THE ROOKIE.

Archie Americana Series: Best of the Nineties - A Review Did you know that Archie Comics publishes a series of genius books called Archie Americana Series ? No? Well if you are or were an Archie fan you might be interested. Find out why.

IT'S THE 200th ISSUE OF SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Sonic The Hedgehog has achieved something few comic book characters from the 1990s have: his title has survived for over 15 years! -Press Release-

Neat! A Sort Of Review Of Cupcakes of DOOM! This is a recurring theme in my reviews, but my daughter won't give me my book back!

Yots of Ticks: A Review of Planet Saturday Comics A book by a father for fathers...and anyone else looking for a book about a father discovering that being a father may be the best thing he has ever done.

Benny and Penny in The Big No-No: Reviewed By My 4yr Old Since she is hogging our copy of the book I thought I would have my little girl review this one.

Rabbit and Bear Paws – Gold Award Winner in Mom's Choice Awards® Another one!

Rabbit and Bear Paws Wins Film Award Rabbit and Bear Paws win – New Media Award - in ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. -Press Release-

LINK: Conference - Graphic Novels come out from Under the Desk Looking for a conference taking place on Jan 31 that will feature leading speakers in education, libraries and the graphic novel and comics industry? Here you go. You're welcome.

Garfield x 2 Two VERY different Garfield books here for your consideration. One for new and long time fans and one for anyone looking for something very different.

Comic Club Weeks 1-4 I am running a Comic Club at my school this year and summaries of the club activities will be posted here. This will also be the place that I will review the books that I use - S.Tingley

LINK: Publishers Weekly and Comics in the Classroom PW has a terrific article about using comics in the classroom - something readers here may be interested in.

LINK: New Kids' Book Corner Blog Review Looking for a New Year's book full of property damage, family issues and elementary age fun? Check out the new Moxy Maxwell book.

Comics in the Classroom Holiday Gallery Here are the different electronic Holiday cards that have been sent to us here at CitC over the past few years

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer: Archie Digest Christmas Special DECK THE HALLS WITH LOTS OF LAUGHTER IN THIS ALL-CHRISTMAS-THEMED ISSUE!

They're No Bobbsey Twins, But... (A Review of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys GNs) Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys - classic youth characters given the comic book treatment.

Capt'n Eli and Rocketto - Adventure Comics for the Whole Family Two adventure titles worth checking out - Both a lot of fun with one being school appropriate and one being okay for your own middle school and up kids

The Chess Comic Relaunches In order to better do its job, the only weekly comic strip dedicated to teaching chess has relaunched with newer, more informative strips. Don't worry though - the Pawns are still surly


Mouse Guard in Softcover! So, what do you give your kids to read after they have devoured the Bone graphic novel series? You Might try this.

Cryptozooey = Monstery Fun "A girl. A quest. And the monsters that help her." A great concept and fun art add up to an enjoyable book that you have likely never heard of.

SHADOWLINE LAUNCHES ALL-AGES LINE, SILVERLINE BOOKS! PRESS RELEASE – New imprint to exclusively feature all-ages graphic novels and books!

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures: A Review of a Very Useful Book I plan on building a whole noon-hour camp based on this book. Come in and see how.

Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws Vol 2: The Voyageurs - A Review in 2000 Words or So This is possibly my most unique review yet. Enjoy!

A New Home For Amelia Rules! Jimmy Gownley's popular comic and graphic novel series AMELIA RULES! to be published by an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

The Museum Vaults: Excerpts from the Journal of an Expert, A Review -or - A Guy Walks Downstairs He walks downstairs for a really long time. This is a beautiful comic meant for an older crowd than usual - this is one definitely aimed at a more adult crowd.

Link: FORUMS! We now have Comics in the Classrooms FORUMS courtesy of Runemaster Studios. Thanks Mike. Come on in and help us get things going.


Lots more found in the:

THE CAT'S MEOW #200 Atomic Robo has some wonderful adventures, the Super Friends are puzzled, the Super Hero Squaddies rock out, and Supergirl babysits the Titans toddlers. Congratulations and thanks go to John Noris on his 200th installment of his Cat's Meow review column

TRICKSTER: Native American Tales - An interview With Editor Matt Dembicki. Legends and myths from North America get the comic treatment.

STUFF!: A Review of The Righteous Bison Indivisible Particle SMASHER Welcome to our new feature dedicated to reviewing comic booky STUFF. We are kicking it off with Awesome Rayguns!

Laugh Out Loud Cats: A Little Bit of a Review and an Interview With Adam Koford And Now For Something Completely Different. Hobo Cats and the comic book reviewer that loves them. Come in to find out what I'm talking about.

Mike Bullock Talks Timothy and the Transgalactic Towel Best known to the comics world for his popular Lions, Tigers and Bears series, Mike Bullock joins us to talk about his new comic, Timothy and the Transgalactic Towel.

Boys of Steel: An INTERVIEW With Siegel and Shuster Biographer There are plenty of storybook biographies of history's most famous and important people, but this one is perfect for this site.

A Interview: Comics in your Curriculum Teachers are always on the lookout for new resources Richard Jenkins and Debra Detamore have created a comic creating based resource . Mr. Jenkins has agreed to talk with us about it.

...But I Know What I Like - an art book review: Robots and Spaceships We couldn't think of a better book to kick off this new feature with than one called Robots and Spaceships.

An Interview With Writer/Illustrator of Kid Beowulf, Alexis E. Fajardo I don't know a whole lot about the epic poem Beowulf, so I decided to have an interview instead of a review...clever me.

An Interview With Dwight MacPherson - or - A Very Cunning Plan Our first interview of the new year - and what a good interview it is. Come in and meet Dwight and see Houdini and Edgar Allan Poe like you've never seen them before..

Archie's Freshman Year: An Interview With Artist Bill Galvan Archie Comics is turning back the timeline for a fresh look at Archie and his friends' beginnings and we have an interview with the artist responsible for making that vision come alive

Web Comics? What's That? check out the great new additions to the Web Comics page. The Adventures of the Araknid Kid and Hero High are worth checking out. And it won't cost you a dime!

Graphics Classics: A FCBD Interview Thanks to Tom Pomplun, editor of the Graphics Classics line of Graphic Novels, for answering a few questions concerning his very first Free Comic Book Day issue.

Lions, Tigers, and Gimoles - Oh My! An Interview With Mike Bullock Mike joins us to talk about his new projects, his new-old projects, and his not quite as new, but still going projects

The Big All-Ages List UPDATE by Tracy Edmunds. Straight from the pages of Newsarama! This list is a work in progress. If you know of a great all-ages title that isn't here yet, it probably will be soon!

Interview With David Nakayama Cat's Meow's John Norris interviews Marvel Adventures Hulk artist David Nakayama

Fred Van Lente: Interview With the Marvel Adventures Writer The title is pretty self explanitory. This guy is writing everything these days and he does a great job here on this interview.

Manga Editor and Guide Book author, Jason Thompson gives us a through breakdown of acceptable manga titles for younger pre-teen and younger readers (and why they might not be).

Nature Murder Mystery? An Interview With Mr. Big Creators Read a great interview in which the word “vicissitudesis used for the fist time on this site!

Interview With Batman Strikes Writer John Norris, writer of our weekly review column, The Cat's Meow, has conducted his first (of many?) interview for our reading pleasure. Enjoy

Chris Eliopoulos / Franklin Richards Interview Chris Eliopoulos is half the writing and all the art team on Marvel's Franklin Richards series for younger readers, and we have a chat with him.

What Do You Mean There Are NO PICTURES!?! Review: Summerhouse Time It's time for one last hurrah before heading back to school….

Part 2 of Creating a Comic Book Exchange Program where we talk to Mike Bullock about how to create a Comic Book Exchange Program

LIONS, TIGERS & BEARS: A CAT'S MEOW Special Review There are stories that truly offer something for everyone. As far as comics go, one shining example is LIONS, TIGERS & BEARS....

Manga: The Complete Guide - An Interview Manga. What is it? Where did it come from? These questions and more will be answered by Jason Thompson, author of Manga: The Complete Guide .

What Do You Mean There Are NO PICTURES!?! Review: Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little Welcome to our 1st non-comic review. Sometimes good books come my way that I do not want to ignore just because they are not comics.

Oddly Normal Vol 1 + 2: Comics in the Classroom Gets Tough! That's right! It's time that this site gets a bit tougher. I let this book have it. All that and an INTERVIEW with series artist/writer Otis Frampton

Alexa Kitchen Gets Interviewed By A Grade One and Two Class What could be better than a ten year old Eisner nominee being interviewed by a bunch if sevena and eight year olds?


MOUSE GUARD vol.2 One of last year's biggest comics for younger readers is coming back with a new story. We've got a short interview with its creator.

POSTCARDS: An interview with the creator of this very interesting anthology, Jason Rodriquez. -UPDATE-

A Free Comic Book Day Andy Runton Interview Andy Runton, creator of the popular OWLY series, has taken a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer a couple of quick questions UPDATE - change in venue.

James Sturm and Satchel Paige - An Interview Sturm talks about Paige, baseball and what it all meant to the oppressed in America's Deep South of the first half of the 20th century.

The Big All-Ages List UPDATE by Tracy Edmunds. Straight from the pages of Newsarama! This list is a work in progress. If you know of a great all-ages title that isn't here yet, it probably will be soon!

LESSON PLAN: I don't do enough of them, but here is a new one on developing good word choices - I developed it for use with Write Traits.

List of Comics by Genre/ Subject UPDATE It is exactly what it sounds like: A list of comics and Graphic Novels by the genre or subject that they would go with.

6 Hour Comics School Day? How long is your school day? What budding artist / writer wouldn't want to skip regular classes to participate in the school's
6 Hour Comic School Day

Philosophy Comics for the College Classroom Need some clarity in your philosophy class? Check out Action Philosophers...

Be sure to check out the new additions to the Web Comics page. Let me know if you have any that you think would fit this site. ----Scott

Books For the Bullied or A Taste of Bullying in the Real World …and Another Not So Much...

Rabbit and Bear Paws: An interview with Chad Solomon, the writer and artist of the new graphic novel / comic series, Rabbit and Bear Paws.

Get A Bit Haywire With a Writer and an Artist CitC was lucky enough to get an interview with both the writer and artist of the upcoming A Bit Haywire from Viper Comics...

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man: An Interview with Artist Patrick Scherberger Scherberger sent over a few preview pics to go along with his interview. I sure hope you like them, because this is a first for CitC!

Why Should Kids Read Comics?
by Tracy Edmunds
When I was in school, kids would slip comics inside their textbooks to read on the sly. Comics were considered “recreational reading” at best...

Abadazad and Stardust Kid: An Interview with Writer J.M. DeMatteis J.M. DeMatteis has been writing some of my favorite comics for as long as I have been reading them, and I get to interview him!

THE CAT'S MEOW: What's Good On The Shelf This Week is our new weekly review page by John "Figaro" Norris debutes. Hope you like it. -Introduction-

Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers and Librarians Download this PDF from Scholastic a great introduction to using comic type resources in your classroom.

Lots more found in the:


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